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ERC20R and ERC721R: Theft Reversibility on Ethereum

Kaili Wang

Blockchains are meant to be persistent: posted transactions are immutable and cannot be changed. As a result, when a theft takes place, there are limited options for recovering the disputed transaction, and this has led to significant losses in the blockchain ecosystem. In this paper we propose token standard extensions of ERC-20 and ERC-721 with support for recoverability.With these new standards, a transaction is eligible for reversal for a short period of time after it has been posted on chain. After the dispute period has elapsed, the transaction can no longer be reversed. Within the short dispute period, a sender can request to reverse a transaction by convincing a decentralized set of judges to first freeze the disputed assets, and then later convincing them to reverse the transaction. Supporting recoverability in the context of ERC-20 and ERC-721 raises many interesting technical challenges. This paper explores these challenges and proposes a design for our ERC-20R and ERC-721R standards, the reversible versions of ERC-20 and ERC721.

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Sara Abdali, Erfan Rostami

While executing large trades, there is often a high amount of slippage. As these orders get close to completion, the swap price increases drastically, and therefore the trade ends up being expensive and capital inefficient. Additionally, with large trades on the blockchain, the security risks are heightened as nothing is reversible. ConvexSwap solves both of these problems by streaming the trade over time. The stream cannot only be stopped at any time for security purposes, but also prevents a price shock on the exchanges and ensures that there is time for liquidity pools to revert to their average volume, so slippage will be lower. While streaming leads to price impact, it increases the gas fees as multiple transtaction happen to complete the trade. This leads to a convex cost function for any trade that can be solved for deterministically. Our trading platform solves for this optimal value of streaming time with lowest slippage and gas fees.

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Jongwon Park, Yuma Tanaka

For a typical NFT project, once art is generated from traits and minted as an NFT, not much happens with the NFT’s art. Nordle is different, it’s interactive with a rewarding mechanism for larger collections. Newly minted NFTs contain simple phrases like "unicorn", "this", or "happy". These phrases are then used as prompts to OpenAI's DALL-E to generate the corresponding image. Once the user acquires two or more Nordle NFTs, she can combine the NFTs to produce a new Nordle NFT! If the user owns a “unicorn” NFT and a “happy” NFT, she can call our contract to combine the words in the desired sequence, generating a new random image with the newly combined words. Now the user gets the “happy unicorn” NFT (or “unicorn happy”) and burns the old NFTs (the record is still maintained). This process can be repeated infinitely to fully reap the benefit of DALL-E while rewarding the collection of cool and/or transitory words!

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The Program

"A cornerstone of Outliers is our 10-week, summer program designed to educate and empower exceptional young builders in crypto."

The Outliers part-time summer program serves as the launchpad for new Outliers entering the community. We facilitate education and mentorship from top industry leaders that teach you how to build and scale the next Web3 breakthrough. By the end of this program, you will have a solid foundation in both crypto AND entrepreneurship.


Next Cohort

~20 Builders Fom Around the World



June - August 2023, Tuesday & Thursday from 5:00-6:30pm PT



January 2023



Learn(week_0 - week_3) + Build(week_4 - week_9) + Retreat(week_10)



Sessions + Reading + Assignments + Final Build Project

The Community

"The best part about Outliers is the A+ community of like-minded builders who are continuously pushing the bounds in crypto."

The summer program is just the beginning of the Outlier experience! Outliers is run as a collective between Floodgate, Standard Crypto, and the Outliers. Therefore, we ask all new Outliers to make a 1-year commitment to stewarding our community until passing the torch to the next cohort🔥


Building Community Projects

New cohort NFTs, community mgmt tools, DAO bounties, etc.


Marketing, Design, and Content Generation

Owning @outlierdao twitter, writing about Outliers projects, etc.


Community management

Organizing meetups, finding speakers, internal DAO comms, etc.



Outreach materials and planning, application review, etc.


Ecosystem Research

Surfacing interesting new companies, leading study groups, etc.

We Believe



Personal bonds make the difference

The single most important thing for us is forming a tightly-knit community. We will support you on your bold, audacious journey to change the world. This is the place where you can be vulnerable, ask for help, and be supported unconditionally.



Building is the best way to learn

We are builders at heart. We don’t stop at reading papers, listening to talks, or doing thought experiments. We seek to understand the foundational building blocks to be able to cut through the noise and form our own opinions. We learn by building. Technical curiosity and excellence are our core skills.



Being kick-ass engineers is not enough

We take responsibility as founders and industry leaders. We convert the theoretically possible into real-world impact. We deeply care about the ethical, societal, and environmental implications of our work. We don’t take easy shortcuts, but always build things the right way.

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