"Nordle reimagines a user’s lifetime interaction with NFTs"

For a typical NFT project, once art is generated from traits and minted as an NFT, not much happens with the NFT’s art. Nordle is different, it’s interactive with a rewarding mechanism for larger collections. Newly minted NFTs contain simple phrases like "unicorn", "this", or "happy". These phrases are then used as prompts to OpenAI's DALL-E to generate the corresponding image. Once the user acquires two or more Nordle NFTs, she can combine the NFTs to produce a new Nordle NFT! If the user owns a “unicorn” NFT and a “happy” NFT, she can call our contract to combine the words in the desired sequence, generating a new random image with the newly combined words. Now the user gets the “happy unicorn” NFT (or “unicorn happy”) and burns the old NFTs (the record is still maintained). This process can be repeated infinitely to fully reap the benefit of DALL-E while rewarding the collection of cool and/or transitory words!

Built with ⚡ by the Outliers