"Get randomly matched for 1-on-1 chats with members in your Discord community."

A core aspect of any community is the bonds between each of the members. Typically, this happens organically when groups meet up in person for a scheduled meeting, relaxing lunch, or a spontaneous hike. However, this is a luxury for the communities that exist online. In fact, for communities like the Outliers where members span across multiple states and even countries, this is flat-out impossible in the early days. This is why we built Philotes. Philotes is a Discord bot that automatically matches community members for 1-on-1 chats. Leaders of online communities no longer need to take on the burden of strengthening individual bonds in their community. Instead they can just send one command: /matchOnce. As communities, especially those in crypto, become more dependent on Discord, we hope Philotes can add the magic touch. Actually, we built Philotes because Donut isn't on Discord 😤

Built with ⚡ by the Outliers